Szonja Oroszlan is Roza Zelinski

Szonja Oroszlan is Hungary’s most famous import to the United States. A world famous model, she has been the face of Adidas, L’Oreal, L’Occitane and other brands in Hungary. She has appeared on the cover of most major international magazines in Hungary including Cosmo.

     As an actress, she has appeared on screen opposite Christopher Lambert (playing his wife), Ron Perlman, and Matt Damon. She was the Hungarian voiceover for “Snow White” in Toy Story. In 2008, the Republic of Hungary awarded her the Order of Merit in honor of her contributions to her nation. In Kecksburg, Szonja plays the wife of the Kecksburg Fire Chief who has a terrible secret that the events of December 9th 1965 could betray.