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"Cody Knotts and crew did a terrific job putting together a great movie that will please both wrestling, and zombie enthusiasts alike. Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies is a MUST SEE. Here’s hoping for a sequel"

"It’s a crazy fun and entertaining film."


"Wrestling fans will find a lot to like in this horror/comedy, and while non-fans won’t likely be won over this movie suggests that Knotts is well on his way of becoming an accomplished horror/comedy filmmaker. I’m interested in what he will be able to do with a bigger budget and a better crew, because the sense of fun he brings to Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies is something money can’t buy."



"Knotts, who also stars in the film as a slimy promoter, has created one of the only films I can think of that might have been a failure had it been made with a huge budget. The homegrown aesthetic and spirit behind it all is encouraging, and watching zombies get beat over the head with 2x4s is as awesome as it sounds. It may not be a perfect film by any means, but it endearingly succeeds in everything it sets out to do, and that’s about as close to perfect as you can get in cinema."


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