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Luke Mayernik
Award winning Composer Luke Mayernik
Reverant Skye
A talented group of young men from Parkersburg, WV. Though the group disbanded, each of the band members have went onto solo success.
Dead in 5
Detriot's hard rockers. Heavy guitar sound backs Rob Libres hard rock voice.
Ken Hampton
A talented composer who created one of the songs from Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.
Joanie Brittingham
New York Opera singer and voice of "Stand Up Roddy" for Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.
Joel Adams
Composer and creator of the Rowdy Roddy Fight Song for Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.
Emily Lapisardi
Musical supervisor for Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies. Composer of West Virginia song for Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.
Benjamin Corneilus Bates
Composer for Gore Orphanage and talented organist. Ben's music has been heard around the world.
Marco Werba Composer
Italian Glode Globe Composer. Marco has worked with Dario Argento and Nicholas Cage. He composed the score for Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.
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