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True Indie Film Grip and Crew Rental

We have designed a rental system for Grip equipment tailored to the needs of truly independent film.  Budget savings, but with a huge bang for the buck.  How?  Because we love helping others achieve their dreams.    For one low cost, you gain access to the grip equipment you need AND a seasoned professional.  


This plan not only saves you money, but improves your film, music video or commercial.  We are hear to assist you to achieve your dreams. 


The low price is $250 a day, plus travel expenses if we have to travel more than 50 miles outside of either of our two locations, Pittsburgh or New York.

We will deliver to your location.  If we are required to be there overnight outside of 50 miles from our location in New York and Pittsburgh, we will require a hotel room.





2 As Arri 1K Fresnels
3 As Arri 650K Fresnels
4 Colortran 1k Fresnels
1 Colortran 650K Fresnel
2 Colortran Minipros
1 Colortran Flood Light
Dimmers for all lights

Grip & Gaffing


5 Tota Umbrellas

Lowell Hard case

Powerstat Dimmers

Ion Suction Cups

Ion Google & Head Strap Mount

Tie Clip Microphone

8 Gaffer Clamps

Reflectsol Clamp for Umbrella

Lowell Tota Clamp

Lowell Interlink

Lowell Grip

Lowell Tota Adapter

Lowell Gel Frame

Lowell Black Flags 

Sennheiser FM Receiver R1010

Sennheiser Lav Mic

Electrovoice Shock Mount Model 356



Furniture Dolly

HDMI Cable

Small Folding Table

Commerical Clothing Racks

Shrub Trimmer

Folding Table

16 gallon Shop Vac

Oben Tripod

Camping Chairs

Small furniture dolly 

Mirror Glass Double Sided

Pack of 6 Chinese Lanterns

Green Screen

Swiss Army Backpack

American Tourister Carry on

Lowell Umbrella Case

Black & Decker 375 Amp Jump Starter

Lowell Frame Holder

Tota Flector

Tiffen Photar Series 9 Filters

Colortran Dichroic Filters

6 inch Square Scrims

4 inch Square Scrims

6 inch Circle Scrim

Metal C Clamp

Double Python Clamps

Bulldog Clips

Wooden Gel Clamp

31" Tie downs (Black)

Tape Measure, Rolled

Boom Pole Holder

8 Velcro Straps

24" Bungee Cords (Multicolor)

36" Bungee Cords (Red)

48" Bungee Cords (Green)

HPX Pvc Cutter

Tota Mount

Double Male Stud

Clamp Pin

HDX Clamp set

Digital Stud Finder

Colortran Clamp 015100

Safety Googles

IKEA Wire Cutters

3" Baby Plates

Flat Screen TV

Hurricane Hazer

Rock N Roller R6

Husky Boxes

Boom Pole with XLR Cable

5 ft Stepladder

Muscle Racks

Silks of all types

Black out fabric

Total Trolley 

Coleman Lantern

Lamp Dimmers

Small Clamp Lights

Large Clamp Lights

3 Rubber Mallets

Hand Sledge

Stanley Cresent Wrench

Claw Hammer

Dry Wall Scrapper

Ball Pein Hammer

Husky 38 piece tools

12 inch Stanley Crescnt Wrench

4 40" Norm C-Stands with Arms

9 Aluminum Colortran Light Stands

Baby Stand Extender

Norm Arm

Arms for Cutters

3 6'  Light stands

2 8' Light Stands

2 Polaroid Reflector Stands

Cheap Reflector Stands

Light Stand with wheels

Wheel Dolly for camera

3 100 Ft 10 Gauge Cords

2 50 Ft 12 Gauge Cord

2 25 Ft 12 Gauge Cord

2 25 Ft 14 Gauge Cord

25 ft 10 Gauge Cord with Box

16 Ft 25 16 gauge

14 gauge Splitter

12 gauge Splitter

10 gauge Splitter

Distro Box

Chinese Dimmer

2 Small Power Strips


Panasonic AF-100

Voigtlander 25mm F/0.95

Panasonic 14-140mm F/ 3.5-4.6

Panasonic 25mm F/1.7

Zoom F4 Sound Recorder

F Control for Zoom F4

Focus Board

Large batteries for AF 100

Small battery for AF 100

Electro Voice 642 Microphone

Audio Technica AT 897

Wind Screens for AT 897

Sony MDR7506 Headphones

Battery Charger AF 100

20 ft XLR Cables

10 ft HDMI Cables

Zoom F4 Electric Adapter

2 ft XLR Cable

XLR to Stereo Jack Adapter

Zoom Sound Bag

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