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Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies 2014 Starring Rowdy Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Shane Douglas.  Professional Wrestlers are trapped in a prison full of zombies and have to utilize their wrestling moves to survive.

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Gore Orphanage 2015  Starring Maria Olsen, Bill Townsend, Keri Maletto and Emma Smith.  Based on the popular Ohio urban legend.  Nellie (Emma Smith) finds out that some things are worse than losing your entire family.

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Lucifer's Unholy Desire 2011 Starring Andrew Roth, Camera Bartolotta and Emily Cordes.  A young girl becomes possessed by a succubus and her only hope is a drunken and failed evangelist.

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Breeding Farm 2012 Starring Richard John Walters and Angelina Leigh.  Four friends are captured by a madman who uses them for pleasure and profit, including selling their offspring.

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